We have a passion for finding great stories. Can we tell yours?

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andrew sorlie

The founder of Stature Films, Andrew started the business in 2009 and has been working at growing the company with a focus on excellence and integrity at every step. Andrew takes care of new business development and also does a large portion of our cinematography. His passion is building up a strong team and letting them reach their potential. He loves the idea of promoting things that are awesome.

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emily sorlie

Emily Sorlie is co-owner of Stature Films. She founded the company with Andrew and is responsible for keeping everything organized and afloat. With a background in photography and fine art, she has an eye for detail and a drive for making beautiful images. Emily brings that eye for detail to all aspects of her work: from filmmaking to editing, to our day-to-day operations; if you need something done, ask Emily and she’ll make it happen.

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Jagadeesh (JD) mensinkai

This guy here is our in-house snapchatting, comic book dwelling, marvel movie guru; our positivity powder keg of polite professionalism is JD. JD joined Stature Films full time in the winter of 2016. As project manager and editor he is the man to see about pushing projects forward. He does an excellent job working with our clients to see projects through to completion and delivery!