Stature & Figure 3


Figure 3: OMERS


CLIENT: Figure3

AGENCY: Filament Creative

INDUSTRY: Interior Design

“I just walked into the boardroom, hit play on Stature’s video, answered a few questions when it was done and then closed the deals”.
-Jim Bennet, VP SALES, FIgure3

Figure 3 asked us to create this piece after a very successful five-video series we had worked on for them the previous year. The task was to make a short video that highlighted not just the finished project, but the dedicated work that goes into each project they take on.

For this piece, we were able to interview OMERS CEO Michael Latimer (who rarely grants interviews). We had Michael in the chair for less than 7 minutes and yet still was able to draw out of him the feedback needed to build this story.

A challenge that OMERS faces in every decision they make is the optics of how they spend their money. As OMERS is primarily a pension fund, every dollar spent needs to have a purpose. We needed to demonstrate through visuals and interview content that Figure3 understood that concept and took into account fiscal responsibility in their design.

Case Study films are not scripted. In almost every case, this one included, we work with the marketing team to determine the messaging desired, and craft interview questions that will bring the types of answers out of our subjects that move the story along.

Andrew leads most of our interviews and focuses on making a real connection with the person in the chair. It’s when real conversations happen that our best work begins to come to fruition.

Over a decade of strong interview techniques and editing gives us the ability to weave together a narrative that is both authentic and meets marketing and sales objectives.

For this project, which was a massive undertaking for both OMERS and Figure3, the b-roll need spanned 16 different floors and we brought along a camera team whose sole purpose was to capture the unique aspects of each floor.

This shoot was pre-planned immaculately. We created shot lists based on photos taken during our technical scout and the floor-plans provided were key to keeping us organized on the day of the shoot. We had three camera teams working on one-shoot day to get the most out of the day, capturing the best footage available.

We fully edited, created the 2D animated lower thirds, completed the audio mix and colour graded the piece.