Stature & Figure 3


Figure 3: OMERS


CLIENT: Figure 3

AGENCY: Filament Creative

INDUSTRY: Interior Design

Figure 3 asked us to do this piece after a very successful 5 video series we created for them the year before. The task was to create a piece that told a story of how interior design changed the atmosphere amongst staff and clients when they used the office spaces at OMERS. Since this is not a scripted piece we worked with their marketing team to determine the messaging they desired and created interview questions that would lead our subjects into the topics and emotions that the marketing team wanted us to pull out of each subject.

Through strong interview techniques and editing, we were able to create the story that this space was meant to emote. The b-roll need spanned 16 different floors, so pre-planning to create shot lists based on our photos taken during our scout visit and the floor-plans provided were key to keeping us organized on the day of the shoot and complete this task on time and with the best footage available. We fully edited, created the 2D animated lower thirds, completed the audio mix and colour graded the piece.