Stature & SCholastic


SCholastic: literacy pro


CLIENT: Scholastic Inc.

AGENCY: Filament Creative

INDUSTRY: Commercial

Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 5.10.51 PM.png

This project was a collaboration with our Digital Agency partner Filament. Many hands went into the production of this piece from concept to completion. Scholastic needed a marketing piece to demonstrate their new product “Literacy Pro”. With a very short turnaround time (2 weeks) we were able to source the location, and the actors, supply props, do a site visit, create storyboards and shot list. A key challenge here was to highlight the app that at the time of production wasn't quite completed. We knew this going into the shoot and it was important to be able to digitally replace the screens on the tablets without it looking like the screens had been replaced.

We recorded VO’s to suit the Canadian and American audience. The 3D graphics while supervised and edited by us were created by our external graphics partner that we rely on for all of our high level 3D renderings. We also had the challenge of integrating a footage piece filmed in another city by another team that we had to colour grade and clean up the audio to make it fit into the higher quality footage we filmed ourselves. We fully edited, completed the audio mix and colour graded the piece and was able to turn it around within 10 days from the shoot date. This piece was distributed across North America.